Study Shows Direct Mail is a More Important Driver 

to Online Giving than Online Communications

More than twice as many online donors say they were prompted to give an online gift in response to a direct mail appeal compared to when they received an e-appeal, according to a national Dunham+Company study recently conducted by research firm Campbell Rinker. In a surprising finding, 14 percent said that a direct mail letter prompted them to give online versus only 6 percent who said an email prompted their online gift.

Further underlining the importance of direct mail to motivate online giving, 1 in 3 donors (37 percent) who give online say that when they receive a direct mail appeal from a charity they use the charity's website to give their donation.  Read more at the AFP website

USPS Rates will NOT increase in May 2010

In May of each year users of USPS usually brace for the annual postage price increases, but not this year.

As announced on the USPS Site:

"Prices for First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, Parcel Post and other mailing services products will not change in 2010, with the cost of a First-Class Mail stamp remaining at 44 cents.

“The Postal Service is the best buy in the market, whether you’re watching your budget or gearing up as the economy starts to rebound,” Bernstock said, noting that other shippers have announced price increases of nearly 6 percent for 2010, excluding fuel surcharges. Most shippers add extra fees for fuel, rural delivery, Saturday delivery and other items to a customer’s final bill. The Postal Service has no comparable surcharges."

Chile earthquake response, go visit the place

It may seem a trivial response but becoming a tourist and visiting this beautiful and friendly county can be a tremendous contribution.  I visited there a few years ago as a mountain bike tour assistant for 10 days and the word from the people we visited there and worked with is that the best help you can give them is to start returning to the country and enjoying what it has to offer.  See for just one of the many ways you can see the country. 

Beaches, fine wine, hundreds of years of history and a proud and soulful people make the place a great destination.  Happy trails.

Possible USPS Summer Postage Sale

This is from the Direct Marketing Association website.

At MTAC yesterday, Tom Foti, USPS Marketing Manager described the 2010 Summer Sale. The sale will cover a 5-month period with the sale period starting July 1 thru Sept 30. June and October will be control months. A 30 percent rebate on incremental volume will be offered above a baseline. The sale is for Standard Mail letters and flats only. The customer’s baseline will equal Same Period Last Year (SPLY) numbers plus 5 percent. A downward adjustment will occur if June and October volume is below baseline. To be eligible, a customer has mailed over 360K Standard Mail pieces from July 1 thru Sept 30 2009. According to Foti, there are approximately 3,525 customers eligible or 67 percent of Standard Mail volume. Mail Service Providers are not eligible to participate.

USPS Timeline:

File notice with PRC (late Feb)

Invitation to participate mailed (early Mar)

Customers register online and certify agreement with threshold volume on-line for program participation (Mar-May)

PRC decision (mid-April)

Sale period (July through Sept)

Rebates to customer accts (Dec 2010- Jan 2011)

Privacy concerns start to cloud
the cloud computing landscape

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