About Steve Falk

Possesses a boundless curiosity, a creative intellect, a somewhat unsettling optimism, and a keen awareness of the balance between work, family, friends and our place in the world.

Designed and implemented integrated distribution solutions for the print and direct marketing industry. These included planning for ongoing direct mail programs, mid-sized warehouse and logistics support for the book industry in Canada and outbound to the US.

In 2007, directed acquisition of Westminster International, a 15 year old database marketing execution firm, in partnership with a printing company. Re-branded the firm and guided improvements with internal processes, directed a corporate integration with the new printing company partner and put a new emphasis on sales and marketing through SEO and online channels.

Installed Salesforce.com as an internal CRM tool and sales/opportunity tracker, implemented a custom quoting and invoicing database program that streamlined internal processes and improved customer service levels. Oversaw the installation of a Descartes shipping system.

During the soft economy of this period drove double digit sales growth through improved online marketing and SEO practices. Westminster's marketing spend online was about equal to the cost of more traditional sales commission strategies.

In February 2011, became owner and president of Prime Data Inc., a firm providing solutions for data-driven communications for over a decade.  

Steve Falk’s Specialties:

Small-Medium size business management/restructuring,
Database marketing,
SEO and website design that drives sales,
Email Marketing,
Fundraising using database marketing/direct mail/email,
Retail Direct Mail,
Print/data integration - variable print