www.stevefalk.ca is my personal portal for not so up-to-date information about Steve Falk, a leader in database driven fundraising, marketing and logistics.  Since I started this site the times have changed and now I post mostly on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Please visit my LinkeIN page where I keep a weekly blog post and an up-to-date dialogue of what is going on.

Since 2011 I've been focused on growing Prime Data, a data-driven marketing services company.

Great things are happening there.  

Drop by the site  and send us your bio if you are an extraordinary individual with breathtaking skills, some interesting hobbies and crazy enthusiasm who is looking to join a fast growing team with diverse and varied backgrounds and skills.

Prime Data Driven Communications

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Steve Falk
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1-888-261-2584 x 301(Toll free North America)
Skype: steve.falk